Residential Railing System

Scope:  Design / Fabrication / Installation 

The residential railing, inspired by the clients request for a geometric Moroccan screen pattern, winds through the space from the ground floor entrance to the third floor balcony.

The pattern chosen allowed for the greatest interplay between positive and negative space while maintaining the structural character of the 1/2″ birch plywood.  The maximization of negative space gives the abundance of railing the greatest amount of visual transparency to the spaces behind.

The 3″ x 3″ steel posts were designed to allow the infill screen  to pass through one half of the post keeping the post/ifill construction contained within the planes of the 3″ boundary.  This aesthetically preserves the horrizontality of the screen on one side while maintaining the vertical intervals of the posts on the other.  The screens are attached via standoffs which gives them the appearance of floating independent of the posts.

The screen infill is edged with 1″ square tubing into which a channel has been laser cut.  This visually hides the edge of the plywood, provides increased stability, and serves as a structural mounting point to the posts.

The top rail, which sands off the post 1/2″, is a stained maple and steel  composite creating the thinnest line in elevation combined with the structural capability to span from post to post.

Custom fabricated railing brackets hold a solid maple rail stained to match the infill screens.