Powder Coating Services

  • Nearly endless range of color options,
  • Get the perfect look to your item.
  • Powder coat individual items.
  • High volume production also available.
  • Local pickup or delivery options available as well.

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Powder Coating Features

  • Handle large parts and components up to 5’ x 6’ x 14’
  • Latest inspection equipment ensures consistent coating
  • Uniform powder thickness for smooth coloration
  • Adhesion monitored and inspected to ensure longevity of color application

Benefits of Powder Coating

Beyond simply giving your finished product a distinctive look, powder coating offers a number of benefits for your items. Powder coated surfaces help protect metal from chipping, scratching and fading, while also creating a barrier to help prevent the formation of rust. The process can help extend the useful life of a finished product, as well, which also reduces the need to replace or repair, offering long-term financial and environmental benefits.

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Applying Powder Coating  Powder Coating Application