Custom Laser Conference Table

Scope:  Design / Installation 

Commissioned by Custom Laser Inc, the conference table is designed to showcase and compliment their recent acquisition of a 5-axis tube laser cutting machine.

The design of the conference table was guided by the following criteria:

–  Possess a “wow factor” for company clients
–  Steel tubing as a predominant feature
–  A table base with a precision of construction
which can only be achieved through the
employ of the 5-axis laser cutter.
–  Subtle incorporation of company logo (table
base is an abstraction of their red 6 pointed
star logo).

Without the use of mechanical or weld connections, the table base components rely on gravity (specifically the weight of the glass top), friction, and accuracy of laser cuts for its structural stability. The ends of the larger tube components are left open to exhibit the interaction between themselves and the smaller tube legs revealing a simplicity of design and construction.

The base is composed of 7″ and 3-1/2″ square tubing with 3/16″ wall thicknesses. 1/2″ tempered glass completes the construction.