Custom Fabricated Fixtures for Inamori Kyocera Museum

Inamori Kyocera Museum of Fine Ceramics

Architect:  Wendel Duchschere Engineering 

The Inamori Kyocera Museum of Fine Ceramics chronicles the history, in written, audio/visual, and object media, of the evolution of Ceramic Engineering from its pottery origins to its present day innovations.

The evolutionary timeline moves through the space facilitated by a series of back lit wall mount, cantilevered, and rolling displays, which themselves exhibit a structural engineering feat by visually floating in the space.

FDF, by coordinating all aspects of the project, from supplemental design to fabrication and installation, was able streamline the fabrication/installation process, keeping the project within budget. The working relationship between the architect and FDF provided for timely and efficient design solutions responding to the complex structural issues that arose without compromising the spirit of the overall design.