Since 1986, Custom Laser Inc. has provided the highest quality of service to many industries that require laser manufacturing services. We follow the highest standards of machining & welding, and produce work with fast turnaround times.

At Custom Laser, our laser cutting & machining services meet the exact standards required by many industries today. To that end, we are fully ISO 9001 certified.

We specialize in providing our customers with greater technological reach, fast turnaround time, quality and flexibility while helping you to reduce your costs. Our goal is to be an extension of your business by reaching beyond your present capabilities and providing you with our advanced technology to give you a competitive edge.

Whether you’re a local customer, a client from Pennsylvania or Ohio, or a business that needs an order shipped across the country, Custom Laser is dedicated to providing the highest quality products with quick and accurate service for any need.

Made in USA

We at Custom Laser believe quality should never be compromised and we stand by our services with confidence.  We are committed to building a strong and vibrant U.S. economy.  Insist on a higher standard, believe in America. 

All parts manufactured and fabrication applied are 100% made in the USA.