Roswell Park Cancer Institute MMMB Patient Terrace

Buffalo, NY


Jason Sobieraj, RA – Roswell Park Assistant Director, Planning

Jacob Krone, RA – Roswell Park Senior Project Administrator

CLI Scope:  Design and Engineering / Fabrication / Glass Bead Blasting

The MMMB Patient Terrace at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo was designed as a rooftop oasis for cancer patients, family members and staff, providing a space for a moment of reflection and relaxation during the day.

The 16′ x 24′ sign, composed of 12 individual 11 ga 316 stainless steel panels, displays a series of laser cut inspirational words, and serves as the backdrop to a custom-designed 16-foot by 10-foot stainless-steel bench clad in IPE decking. The fabrication technique for the bench structure was inspired by basswood dinosaur model kits as a method of manufacturing in response to the challenge of preserving the requested arched form while ensuring the maximum structural integrity in the lightest and most efficient possible construction.

Each 11 ga planar 316 stainless member of the bench is slotted in a manner that allows for the complete assembly prior to welding, leading to the unit precision necessary to guarantee successful on-site assembly of all four bench units. Backing plates contain holes along the entire serpentine surface and act as the hidden attachment points for the IPE boards. A smaller scale corridor sign of the same material completed the scope of the project.