Eckl’s @ Larkin

Interior Designer: Beth Dames Interiors

CLI Scope: Design / Fabrication / Installation

At the request of the client, the design intent of the screen partition between the restaurant and bar spaces had to incorporate a reference to the elm tree, a once-prolific tree in the Western NY area that, as a result of Dutch elm disease, suffered devastating losses. The solution was to design the screen as though it were a cross section through the middle of an elm tree, controlling the amount of visual openness necessary to respond to the needs of the adjacent areas.

Accented with LED lighting, the central column serves as the foundation for the trunk. The natural leaf density on either side fosters a delicate balance between the need for privacy in the dining area while keeping a visual connection with the bar space behind. The proliferation of leaves farthest from the trunk offers increased privacy from the hallway that leads from the main entrance directly back to the bar.

Ninety square feet of laser cut, formed hammered copper sheets are installed over laser cut sheets of plywood substrate to ensure that prefabricated bar, server rail cap, and drink rail segments could be precisely installed with a minimal amount of intrusion in an already finished space. Custom designed and fabricated copper-plated stainless-steel foot rail units and drink rail brackets completed the scope of the project.