Bar Bantam

Rochester, NY (Metropolitan Tower Lobby)

Architect: Mauro Cringoli RA

CLI Scope: Design / Fabrication

As a response to site constraints, the structural framework for the bar required the design of a system that was fully assemblable post powder coat. Inspired by the building facade, U-shaped tube structures combine with 1/2″ steel plate spacers and central columns to form a laminated support for the beams above creating and facilitate a nine-foot cantilever over the bar. The structural grid becomes the foundation for the remainder of the build out.

The bar front tiles were designed in response to the unavailability and excessive costs of custom ceramic tile in the desired pattern. The construction of the pattern consists of powder-coated 13 ga steel skeleton sections with steel pieces cut to fit the voids. The design is completed with a brushed stainless steel foot rail along the bottom.

Light fixtures were designed and custom fabricated to position hand-blown glass shades directly above the bar surface.