A New Chapter

Spring of 2020 will mark a new chapter for Custom Laser. Ground breaking is underway for our new 60,000 sq ft facility in Lockport, adjacent to our current facility. This growth will better allow us to expand the scope of services we offer our customers, delivering the efficiency and scale they need, while providing the quickest turnaround times in the industry.

Laser Welding

Laser Precision: The Benefits of Laser Welding

In the field, TIG and MIG welding – welds using gas and filler material – are commonly used to make repairs and on-site fabrications. This works great and creates a strong bond between metals, but laser welding offers a superior approach.

Laser welding is a more modern and precise approach to welding that provides a superior solution for manufacturing and production applications. Let’s dive deeper into what makes laser welds a better choice.

Laser WeldingPrecision Control

With TIG and MIG welds, work is performed by hand, subject to different conditions, different operators with varying skill levels, and different filler materials. That means no two welds are ever quite the same. Not so with lasers.

Using precision-controlled laser welds, it’s possible to create an exact weld time after time. Laser welds are vastly repeatable, making it possible to rapidly create custom parts or fittings that are consistent, allowing for the quick, scaled fabrication of components you need for your operations.

Superior Strength

Laser welds are also incredibly strong. Using laser welding, a bond can be created with a deeper penetration than MIG or TIG welds – and done in a single pass. That means there’s no need to go over a weld more than once to create a lock-tight bond between materials.

Lasers can create deep welds even in thick materials, as well. As The Fabricator notes, the most powerful laser welding equipment has been used to weld steel plate up to 1.5 inches thick. At Custom Laser, we don’t go that deep – we weld up to 0.225 inches in depth – we’re still able to deliver a durable, strong and precise bond between components of varying thicknesses simply and cleanly.

Complexity Simplified

Another benefit is that laser welding can easily handle complicated joining work, such as welds in small spaces or welds between different types of materials. Since lasers are incredibly precise and computer controlled, welds can be made in fractions of a millimeter of space, allowing for bonds in even narrow or tight positions between components.

Laser welding also allows for the creation of bonds between different metals, making it possible for more diversity and customization in the fabrication process. For example, if you need different metals for different applications on the same finished component, laser welding allows for the bonding of these dissimilar materials to precisely combine them into a completed piece.

Finished Item After Laser WeldingKeeping Cool

In addition, the low heat input involved with laser welding allows for minimal distortion of materials while achieving nonporous and durable welds faster than conventional welding. This also means that the area around the weld will not be impacted as much by the ambient heat of the weld, reducing the potential for warping or shrinking of the finished piece.

This helps make the fabrication of precision parts a simpler process. The limited heat and millimeter-precise targeting of the laser allows for welds that hold tight without introducing outside material or causing any kind of change in the finished surface.

Get Laser Welded Components for Your Project 

Custom Laser offers full-service laser welding options to handle a wide variety of applications. We can tackle small and large requests, and offer rapid fabrication thanks to the speed and accuracy of laser welds. No matter the needs of your project, the team at our Western New York facility can handle your order.

Find out more about our capabilities and learn how we help with your next job by calling Custom Laser at 716.434.8600 today.

Metal Flattening Before and After

Informing Metal Forming: Custom Shaped Materials for Your Projects

Creating a custom metal shape requires a great deal of care and craftsmanship. In the days of blacksmithing, metals were heated and beaten into shape by hand on an anvil – a time-consuming and meticulous process. Metals can also be poured into casts and created into a variety of shapes. However, with the benefit of modern technologies and machinery, there are far more effective ways to handle metal.

One of the most commonly requested services at Custom Laser is for metal forming work, and this can take a number of different shapes – figuratively and literally. Let’s take a deeper dive into metal forming and the capabilities of our equipment.

TruBend Press BrakePress Brake

Perhaps the most versatile piece of equipment for bending and forming metal is the press brake. This massive piece of machinery allows us to take raw materials and metals and bend them into the desired shape, allowing us to create durable and made-to-order designs for a range of applications.

Our fleet of press brakes allows us to handle small, precision bends or massive fabrications. We can accommodate items as large as 14 feet in length and a range of thicknesses, from as thin as 0.006 inches to half an inch, depending on the type of material.

Using the press brake, we can replicate shapes like angle iron, C-channel, and other custom components and bent metal pieces. Plus, our press brakes are all five-axis and fully programmable for excellent accuracy and repeatability.

See the press brake in action below.

Metal Flattening and Stress Relieving

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we also offer metal stress relieving and flattening services. Most commonly, sheet metal is transported in massive rolls – rolls that are, by definition, not flat, as is commonly needed for many industrial applications. Using our Arku Flatmaster leveler, we can perform metal flattening to deliver material that is precision cut and straightened to meet your needs.

Metal Flattening Before and After

When metal is coiled into rolls for transportation, it causes a variety of tension issues in the material. As it is uncoiled at the service centers, material retains a memory that is often revealed during the laser cutting process. Custom Laser is able to run the material through a set of rollers with 400 tons of down pressure for perform metal leveling, flattening and stress relieving, resulting in material that is flat and stress free for use in a variety of metalworking applications.

See the Arku in the video below.

Full-Service Metal Forming at Custom Laser

No matter the size or scope of your project, the equipment and team at Custom Laser is ready to help. We can handle large and small orders and offer a full range of precision cutting, forming and flattening services to meet your exact requirements.

Learn more about our capabilities and find out how we can deliver what you need by calling us today at 716.434.8600.

Eckl's Bar Area

Eckl’s @ Larkin Opens with Flair with Custom Laser’s Help

Downtown Buffalo’s resurgence is continuing to grow, with many businesses relocating to within the city limits, and restaurants, shops and other businesses opening or growing to help meet the needs of the increasing working population. One of the most popular city neighborhoods to benefit from Buffalo’s boom has been Larkinville, where the Larkin Center of Commerce hosts nearly 100 businesses in a blended mixed-use facility, including the newly opened Eckl’s @ Larkin.

Eckl's Bar AreaBuffalo is well known for a number of cuisines, including the beef on weck, a dish that helped put Eckl’s on the map in its original location in Orchard Park. The new Eckl’s @ Larkin, however, serves much more than these famous sandwiches, and features a distinctive menu to sate any appetite, from simple build-your-own burgers and fries to more lavish dishes like premier cuts of steak, fresh seafood and osso buco.

Like the menu, the décor inside the new Larkinville location is an equal blend of casual contemporary and upscale refinement. Custom Laser played a critical role in helping to create this distinctive look, which is rich in copper surfaces, including the hammered copper bar, designed in a large U-shape to accommodate guests in the center of the restaurant. The bar rails, reception station and drink rails throughout the bar area were designed to carry that same copper aesthetic look further while providing convenience and comfort for guests.

Elm-Inspired ScreensOur team also designed laser-cut screens that help to separate the bar and dining spaces, while directing the flow of guests and staff through the restaurant, bar and two dining spaces. Made from steel, these screens were precision cut to feature an elm tree-inspired look, blending a natural aesthetic with a modern material. These panels are finely detailed, and provide much more depth and richness to the dividing panels than a flat wall or pane of glass, while adding a sense of elegance and refinement to the space. The laser-cut steel is also backlit using efficient LED lighting, providing ambient warmth and comfort to the whole dining environment.

Eckl's Dining Area“No stone was left unturned when it came to tying everything together,” noted Buffalo Rising, and it shows as you move into the dining areas. These spaces combine wooden tables and natural wood accents with fine upholstery to convey a club-like environment blended with an industrial feel, creating a truly distinctive experience for diners that seems to combine elements of Buffalo’s past and present into a one-of-a-kind space. The two main dining rooms offer ample room for parties or large groups, and the abundant seating at the bar provides space for patrons stopping in for a quick lunch or a drink at the end of the workday.

We’re proud to have played a role in bringing this new, unique dining and drinking experience to the city of Buffalo. If you haven’t yet, stop in and check out the distinctive Eckl’s @ Larkin for lunch or dinner.

To learn more about our capabilities or if you’re looking for help with creating a new look and feel for your business, call the team at Custom Laser today at 716.434.8600.