Our Tube Cutting Lasers provides the technology necessary for the processing of round, square, rectangular, and flat sided oval tube.  Its functionality allows us the ability to produce products customized to your specifications; limited only by your imagination and the following parameters:

    • Wall Thickness Maximum Limit:  Carbon Steel 0.375”
    • Wall Thickness Maximum Limit:  Stainless Steel 0.236”
    • Wall Thickness Maximum Limit:  Aluminum 0 .200”
    • OD Maximum Limit: 10”
    • OD Minimum Limit: 0.500”
    • Maximum Length of Finished Part: 235”
    • Maximum Stock Length: 28’
    • Minimum Stock Length: 10.5’
    • Maximum Bundle Weight in Automated Loader: 4,000 lbs
    • Max Lbs. Per Linear Foot: 25.2 Lbs

When utilized to its full potential Custom Laser’s tube cutter will significantly decrease the time, labor, and costs involved for tube weldments and fabrications.  Through the use of the following design elements we are able to reduce final project assembly time while providing burr free cuts and tight tolerances to ensure perfect fit and form.

    • Self Locating Joints
    • Slot and Tab Construction
    • Single Piece Construction
    • Secondary Machining Operations
    • Laser Marking to Label All Joints

Taking into account the value added features and cutting capability that the tube laser offers; it is easy to see how we can help to dramatically reduce the end product cost for our customers.