Metal Flattening Before and After

Informing Metal Forming: Custom Shaped Materials for Your Projects

Creating a custom metal shape requires a great deal of care and craftsmanship. In the days of blacksmithing, metals were heated and beaten into shape by hand on an anvil – a time-consuming and meticulous process. Metals can also be poured into casts and created into a variety of shapes. However, with the benefit of modern technologies and machinery, there are far more effective ways to handle metal.

One of the most commonly requested services at Custom Laser is for metal forming work, and this can take a number of different shapes – figuratively and literally. Let’s take a deeper dive into metal forming and the capabilities of our equipment.

TruBend Press BrakePress Brake

Perhaps the most versatile piece of equipment for bending and forming metal is the press brake. This massive piece of machinery allows us to take raw materials and metals and bend them into the desired shape, allowing us to create durable and made-to-order designs for a range of applications.

Our fleet of press brakes allows us to handle small, precision bends or massive fabrications. We can accommodate items as large as 14 feet in length and a range of thicknesses, from as thin as 0.006 inches to half an inch, depending on the type of material.

Using the press brake, we can replicate shapes like angle iron, C-channel, and other custom components and bent metal pieces. Plus, our press brakes are all five-axis and fully programmable for excellent accuracy and repeatability.

See the press brake in action below.

Metal Flattening and Stress Relieving

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we also offer metal stress relieving and flattening services. Most commonly, sheet metal is transported in massive rolls – rolls that are, by definition, not flat, as is commonly needed for many industrial applications. Using our Arku Flatmaster leveler, we can perform metal flattening to deliver material that is precision cut and straightened to meet your needs.

Metal Flattening Before and After

When metal is coiled into rolls for transportation, it causes a variety of tension issues in the material. As it is uncoiled at the service centers, material retains a memory that is often revealed during the laser cutting process. Custom Laser is able to run the material through a set of rollers with 400 tons of down pressure for perform metal leveling, flattening and stress relieving, resulting in material that is flat and stress free for use in a variety of metalworking applications.

See the Arku in the video below.

Full-Service Metal Forming at Custom Laser

No matter the size or scope of your project, the equipment and team at Custom Laser is ready to help. We can handle large and small orders and offer a full range of precision cutting, forming and flattening services to meet your exact requirements.

Learn more about our capabilities and find out how we can deliver what you need by calling us today at 716.434.8600.