Reverse Engineering Components

Custom Laser has a state-of-the-art inspection system for reviewing finished products. Our equipment is capable of Statistical Process Control (SPC) reporting, and is factory certified annually to ensure exceptional accuracy.

Our team is ISO 9001:2008 certified, showing our dedication and commitment to delivering high-quality products on each and every project. We believe in much more than the “measure twice, cut once” standard, and use computer-aided devices for manufacture, digital measuring and verification devices and, of course, old-fashioned physical review to ensure that every component, part and piece that moves through production is completed to both your high standards and exact specifications.

Reverse Engineering Components

The team at Custom Laser can also handle reverse engineering components. This can be incredibly valuable for custom fabrication of replacement parts for vital machinery and equipment that is no longer manufactured or supported by the original maker. From prototype through production, our fully equipped and certified quality control unit ensures compliance to make sure your new part meets your exact specifications, guaranteeing an accurate fit in your equipment assembly.

In addition, we can create AutoCAD files for you as part of the process when reverse engineering components. This allows us to rapidly re-create and manufacture replacement parts at scale, delivering what you need when you need it. Our dedicated draftsmen can also assist you with engineering solutions, creating custom solutions to meet unique needs.

Our team has helped companies throughout Western New York, in nearby Ohio and Pennsylvania, and from all around the world. Learn how our team can help you by giving Custom Laser a call at 716.434.8600 today.