Eckl’s @ Larkin Opens with Flair with Custom Laser’s Help

Downtown Buffalo’s resurgence is continuing to grow, with many businesses relocating to within the city limits, and restaurants, shops and other businesses opening or growing to help meet the needs of the increasing working population. One of the most popular city neighborhoods to benefit from Buffalo’s boom has been Larkinville, where the Larkin Center of Commerce hosts nearly 100 businesses in a blended mixed-use facility, including the newly opened Eckl’s @ Larkin.

Eckl's Bar AreaBuffalo is well known for a number of cuisines, including the beef on weck, a dish that helped put Eckl’s on the map in its original location in Orchard Park. The new Eckl’s @ Larkin, however, serves much more than these famous sandwiches, and features a distinctive menu to sate any appetite, from simple build-your-own burgers and fries to more lavish dishes like premier cuts of steak, fresh seafood and osso buco.

Like the menu, the décor inside the new Larkinville location is an equal blend of casual contemporary and upscale refinement. Custom Laser played a critical role in helping to create this distinctive look, which is rich in copper surfaces, including the hammered copper bar, designed in a large U-shape to accommodate guests in the center of the restaurant. The bar rails, reception station and drink rails throughout the bar area were designed to carry that same copper aesthetic look further while providing convenience and comfort for guests.

Elm-Inspired ScreensOur team also designed laser-cut screens that help to separate the bar and dining spaces, while directing the flow of guests and staff through the restaurant, bar and two dining spaces. Made from steel, these screens were precision cut to feature an elm tree-inspired look, blending a natural aesthetic with a modern material. These panels are finely detailed, and provide much more depth and richness to the dividing panels than a flat wall or pane of glass, while adding a sense of elegance and refinement to the space. The laser-cut steel is also backlit using efficient LED lighting, providing ambient warmth and comfort to the whole dining environment.

Eckl's Dining Area“No stone was left unturned when it came to tying everything together,” noted Buffalo Rising, and it shows as you move into the dining areas. These spaces combine wooden tables and natural wood accents with fine upholstery to convey a club-like environment blended with an industrial feel, creating a truly distinctive experience for diners that seems to combine elements of Buffalo’s past and present into a one-of-a-kind space. The two main dining rooms offer ample room for parties or large groups, and the abundant seating at the bar provides space for patrons stopping in for a quick lunch or a drink at the end of the workday.

We’re proud to have played a role in bringing this new, unique dining and drinking experience to the city of Buffalo. If you haven’t yet, stop in and check out the distinctive Eckl’s @ Larkin for lunch or dinner.

To learn more about our capabilities or if you’re looking for help with creating a new look and feel for your business, call the team at Custom Laser today at 716.434.8600.