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Medical Stainless Steel Tubes

We are proud to be playing a part in supplying hospitals with some of the equipment needed in the fight against Covid-19. These laser cut, stainless steel tubes are some of the components needed to manufacture IV stands used in medical centers around the country.

Medical-Grade Stainless Steel IV Stand Tubes Medical Stainless Steel IV Stand Tubes


Fresh out of our powder coat oven

Fresh out of our powder coat oven in Prismatic Powders Bronze Chrome!

Whether it’s your own custom parts or as the final step in your manufacturing process, we can provide a high quality finish on our in-house powder coat line!  Email us at


Face masks to fight Coronavirus

It might not look like much now, but this part will become someone’s face shield in the medical field!  We are proud and excited to be helping out!


Face mask plastic

Face mask plastic